Barosa is a beautiful village in the Leiria municipality, right in the center of Portugal. It is surrounded by a pinewood planted in the 13th century and is close to stunning beaches, green mountains and the amazing Castle of Leiria. The Barosa base camp will be the ideal starting point for several incredible activities for Scouts and Guides of all ages.

Hiking, bushcraft training, watersports and historical sites are all just a heartbeat away! Also, if you want to spend some days in Portugal before or after ACNAC, you can choose from several Portuguese famous destinations at about two hours from the campsite:

  • Lisbon and Sintra going south of Leiria
  • Coimbra and Porto going to the north…just to mention a few.

How to get there

The nearest airports are in Porto and Lisbon, both less than 2 hours away by car, train or bus. We will provide direct transfers to the campsite. You just need to coordinate it with our International Office.